Organic Kakadu Plum superfood

Superfood Tea?

Learning how to energize and hydrate the body is key to staying healthy. Superfood tea’s are hydrating, high in antioxidants and vitamins and perfect for your healthy hydrating snack.

One of our favourite ways to use Superfoods is as Tea ‘Supplements’. Now we know the word supplements has some negativity around it, but think of it this way. As long as it’s natural, you’re simply strengthening or ‘supplementing’ your beverage with more nutrients.

If you’re tired of the boring, standard green tea you can add 5g of Acai, Kakadu Plum or Guarana to your tea. This will accomplish two things:

1. Give your tea a unique taste and look worthy of a Facebook/Instagram post.

– Try 5g of Kakadu Plum added to any tea or hot water for a citrus twist when feeling flu symptoms and you know you can’t avoid a day (or night) off.

– Try 5g of Acai added to any tea or hot water for a fruity flavour after a big day and need to recover fast.

– Try 5g of Guarana added to any tea or hot water for a nutty kick when lacking energy and want stay on point throughout the afternoon.

2. Second, it will naturally fortify your tea with Antioxidants, Vitamin C and an all important energy boost. This is how many of our products were traditionally used by indigenous people and having been tried and tested for over millennia, you can rest assured, they work!

The best time to have a tea is first thing after waking up to cleanse and tone the digestive system as you take a moment to prepare for the day. We also like to use Tea when feeling dehydrated or low in energy. A warm cup of tea provides a warming, healthy liquid that can be satiating, delicious and energy boosting. Tea is also particularly useful in the afternoons when our blood sugar levels are dropping and we need a guilt free, healthy habit to keep our minds focused and bodies moving.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to integrate these functional foods is to add 1 teaspoon of either Acai, Kakadu Plum or Guarana to your water bottle and drink regularly throughout the day. You should aim to drink half of your 2L daily water intake by mid morning. This way you will avoid the highs and lows that regularly interrupt our days and cause us to make mistakes and eat outside our healthy diets.

If you can successfully incorporate this easy step into your daily life, you will maintain an optimum health equilibrium throughout the day, resulting in a huge difference to your energy levels, quality of work and overall positivity.

For more detailed info on tea recipes checkout our recipes and advice page.


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