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Superfood Tea?

Learning how to energize and hydrate the body is key to staying healthy. Superfood tea’s are hydrating, high in antioxidants and vitamins and perfect for your healthy hydrating snack. One of our favourite ways to use Superfoods is as Tea ‘Supplements’. Now we know the word supplements has some negativity around it, but think of...
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How to make a TRUE Superfood Smoothie

Why Superfood Smoothies? Smoothies are simple, quick, easy and nutritious. Fruit, veggies + liquid, blend and your done. They are a great way to energize and hydrate the body in a healthy way. That being said, drinking smoothies without an understanding of how to build them properly will only magnify any health issues you currently...
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Wild-Harvested Superfoods … what are they and where do they come from?

We’ve all heard the terms organic, natural, fair-trade and eco friendly, but what about Wild-Harvest? Wild Harvest encompasses the above well known terms and much more. Basically, a product that has been Wild Harvested means it has been collected by hand from a ‘wild’ or unmanaged ecosystem. Similar to the way hunter-gatherers would forage for...
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